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  Bridging human needs with academic resources

International Science and Technology Consultants aims to match the need of government entities, NGOs, organizations and private colleges and universities for expert consultation, specialized training, educational services or educational placements with institutions in the United States and around the world that can meet such needs.IST Consultants provide a comprehensive range of services in the area of higher education and aims to respond to the burgeoning demand in India for higher education services in a rationale, professional and transparent manner that results in the provision of services within the appropriate constraints of time and costs and at the highest levels of professionalism. IST Consultants will identify American colleges and universities and broker agreements between these institutions and parties in India for the following objectives:

  • To help governments, private industry, educational institutions to appropriately articulate their needs in ways that can be understood and acted upon by potential service providers
  • To provide programs of study via distance learning to private colleges and universities in India.
  • To partner in the granting of dual/joint academic degrees with Indian colleges and universities.
  • To admit Indian students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To design short term training programs in science, engineering and business for students at private colleges and universities in India.
  • To deliver complete degree programs in India at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in partnership with Indian colleges and universities.
  • To assist private Indian colleges and universities in developing themselves on the American higher education model.
  • To identify appropriate American faculty (teachers and researchers) for Indian colleges and universities who may wish to host them for short or longer periods of stay.
  • To organize seminars and training programs for Indian higher education administrators in both India and the United States.
  • To help to facilitate bilateral exchange agreements between Indian colleges and universities and American colleges and universities.

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